RCBS .223/5.56 AR dies

RCBS .223 Win./5.56mm, AR, 2-die set
RCBS .223 Win./5.56mm, AR, 2-die set
Item# D-RCBS11107

Product Description

223 Remington AR Series Small Base Taper Crimp 2 Die Set by RCBS RELOADING PRODUCTS

The New RCBS AR Series is a Must for the Progressive Reloader. It Features a Small Base Sizing Die and the New Taper Crimp Seating Die. This Combination Makes Reloading Easier for AR-Style or Semi-Auto Shooters. The Small Base Sizer Guarantees that the Cartridge will Rechamber. The Taper Crimp Seater is More Forgiving When Various Case Lengths are Loaded at the Same Time. Case Neck Crimp Bulges and Buckled Shoulders are Virtually Eliminated When Taper Crimping is Used with Cannelured Bullets.